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Current Class Schedule

Fall 2019

After 12 years of weekly teaching, we tried a different schedule this fall.  Instead of weekly classes, we delivered a three bootcamps for Levels 2, 3 and 4. Below is a description of each bootcamp to give you an idea of what we covered together.

At this point we are not sure about our Winter Schedule, but if you are on our Contact List, you will receive an email each time something new is announced. 

The Level 2A Bootcamp included all the material in our popular Second Round Suit Bidding Series, which is just a fancy name for Opener Rebids.  As we all know, opener's rebid is the most complex bid in all of bridge.  This series focused entirely on a systematic approach to unpacking the complexities.  Lots of repetition and practice.  

The Level 3A Bootcamp included the four new conventions normally covered in the first semester of Level 3 - Help Suit Game Try, Negative Doubles, Michael's Cuebid and Unusual 2NT.  

The Level 4/5 Bootcamp was entitled 'Transfers - Beyond Jacoby'.  This offering focused primarily on the 4-Suit Transfer convention, which conveys a long minor suit after a NT open or overcall. Many people play a less-effective abbreviated version of this convention.  We taught it in its entirety - along with a couple of other transfer enhancements.

All Bootcamps were open to any current Bridge & Company student, all former students/graduates, and any other players who were interested in getting a nice immersion experience.  All classes were held at Cross Creek Golf Clubhouse in Buckhead. 

We hope you have a great fall and holiday season - filled with family, vacations, and cards!!  Watch your email inbox of announcements of our Winter offerings!  

In the meantime, here's to a relaxing few months!


Level 2A Bootcamp
       Tuesdays                     9:30 - noon
      9/3, 10, 17, 24

      Cost:  $175 - payable at first class


Level 3A Bootcamp
       Tues 9/3 and 9/17      1:00-3:30
      Wed 9/4 and 9/18       9:30-12:00

      Cost:  $175 - payable at first class


Level 4/5 Bootcamp
       Wednesdays                1:30-3:30
      9/11, 18, and 25

      Cost:  $100 - payable at first class