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Current Class Schedule

Winter 2020

We were delighted with your response to our fall bootcamps and are excited to continue that format this winter.

At this point we are ready to accept registrations for both our Level 2B Bootcamp and our Level 3B Bootcamp.  Information on schedule and pricing can be found on the right of this screen.  Below is a description of the format and content for each event.

Level 2B Bootcamp:
We will pick up where we left off last fall.  Moving on from Second Round Suit Bidding, we will focus on Takeout Doubles, Value Showing Doubles, Preempts, Weak 2 Opening Bids and possibly Strong 2 Club Opening Bids.  These five concepts round out the fundamentals and will get you ready to move on to intermediate play.  We'll meet two mornings a week for two weeks with each class lasting for 2.5 hours.  The concentrated format will allow us to cover more material, offer more repetition, cement more understanding, and hopefully have more fun! 

Level 3B Bootcamp:
Last fall we focused on HSGT, Negative Doubles, Michael's Cuebid and Unusual 2NT.  This winter we will continue with conventions designed to investigate slams.  Our primary new conventions will be Cuebidding Controls, Splinters and Jacoby 2NT.  We will meet two afternoons a week for two weeks with each class lasting for 2.5 hours.

All Bootcamps are open to any current Bridge & Company student, all former students/graduates, and any other players who are interested in getting a nice immersion experience.  It is not necessary to have attended part 'A' to enjoy part 'B'.  All classes will be held at Cross Creek Golf Clubhouse in Buckhead. 

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season - and look forward to being back together in February!


Level 2B Bootcamp

       Feb 18, 19, 25, 26            9:30 - noon
      Cost:  $175          payable at first class
      Click here to register



Level 3B Bootcamp

       Feb 18, 19, 25, 26          1:00-3:30
      Cost:  $175         payable at first class
      Click here to register