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Our Curriculum

Learn Bridge in a Day? ® 

  • A fun, efficient introduction in 4-5 hours
  • Includes bidding, mechanics and scoring
  • For the true beginner or someone seeking a quick refresher

Level 1 – The Basics 

  • Suit Bidding and Play                         
  • NT Bidding and Play
  • Chicago Scoring
  • Declarer Analysis and Strategy
  • Temporizing Bids and Weak Freaks 

Level 2 - Basic Conventions, Doubles and Other Tools

  • Second Round Suit Bidding – Opener and Responder Rebids
  • Weak Two’s and Pre-empts – Bids and Responses  
  • 2NT and 3NT Opening Bids and Responses
  • More Play of the Hand
  • Take Out Doubles and Value-Showing Doubles
  • Strong 2 Clubs – Opening Bid and Responses
  • Blackwood and Gerber
  • Defender Leads and Signals
  • Competitive Auctions

Level 3 - Intermediate Concepts

  • Help Suit Game Tries
  • Negative Doubles 
  • Splinters
  • Declarer Play – Part 3
  • Four Suit Transfers 
  • Michaels Cuebid and Unusual 2NT 
  • Cuebidding Controls 
  • More Defender Play

Level 4 - Curriculum Review

  • Extensive Synthesis and Review of Levels 1-3
  • Heavy Emphasis on Play of the Hand
  • Jacoby 2NT
  • Roman Key Card Blackwood with Specific Kings

Level 5 - Advanced Topics - and More Review

  • Quantitative NT
  • Cappelletti - and other NT Defenses
  • Puppet Stayman
  • Texas Transfers
  • Reopening Doubles
  • Cuebidding in Competition
  • Elevated Play of the Hand


Schedule and Registration

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Options for Personal Practice

The absolute best form of practice is playing.  As with any new sport or hobby, lessons alone are not enough to help you feel confident and skillful. We highly recommend your finding a group and practice outside of class at least once a week.

We also believe personal, individualized practice can be extremely valuable in helping you cement specific concepts.  We recommend the Whirlwind Bridge series of practice Workbooks as an excellent resource for flexible, topical practice.  These workbooks are available in print version on Amazon – and they are also available as an app for either iPhone or iPads.  The first app download is FREE, so there is no reason not to try out this option.  What could be better than specific personalized practice on the go!

Click here  to get a complete description of the workbook topics, to see an example of how the workbooks are organized, or to learn more about the app.